Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Pinch and a Punch, it's the First Day of the Month!

Today is the first day of February! HOORAY! Before you know it, it will be December again. Today at school, the pinching and punching was non-stop - My arm hurts! And I didn't do it back to anyone! Well, it can get pretty rough when it's the first day of the month - it gets even worse on your birthday. They give you birthday punches - but I'm lucky to avoid that because my birthday is during the holidays. I hope you are all excited about this month and I hope it runs smoothly. I also found out today that I am Gold Colour Captain for my house team, and trust me, I am terrible at sports. I'd better get back to my work. I have a lot to do.

Scenic Glory  February Calender


  1. Congrats on becoming Colour Captain - a pretty special gig and one I know you'll enjoy. Teach those kids how to chant "loud", D. I know you can ;) x

  2. I am loud - a bit of a foghorn as you say.