The Secret Life of Books

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You may not know this, but I am actually a bookworm. I love writing short stories on storybird.  If you want to join Storybird, just go to 
I have a huge passion for books. Books are the heart and soul of writing and there are millions out there. The first book ever written was called "How to Catch a Mammoth" by a person named Gronk, it was a limited edition, hand copied from about 56,000 BC!   

As I imagine, books today would have been completely different to "How to Catch a Mammoth". That probably would have been a procedure on how to catch something with your bare hands or with a net. Maybe, it was like that book called "How to Kill a Mocking Bird" which really had nothing to do with actually killing a mocking bird. Well, every story has a secret, an no book should be judged merely by its cover.

This is a link to my first storybird. I know it's only short, but it's quite beautiful. Enjoy! 

Best Selling Authors

Are you planning to read a good book? Well, every reader would say "Of course! Which person would say no?"
A good book requires a good storyline.
These are some best selling authors that everybody simply loves.

Stephenie Meyer with the Twilight Saga and The Host

Stephen King with It, Cujo, The Tommyknockers, Pet Cemetery etc.

J. K Rowling with Harry Potter

 Lauren Kate with Fallen and Torment

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