Autobiography on Cats

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This page gives an autobiography on cats! If you need help taking care of a cat or you would like to know some facts, this page is the perfect spot to go.

Where do Cats Originate?

It is said that cats originated in Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians viewed them as sacred, even Godlike. Originally, cats were wild creatures and their main use was basically to be an efficient mouse-trap. Over the years, their extended contact with people caused them to become domesticated. Worship of cats in Ancient Egyptian was a normal part of their culture. Mafdet, was the first feline depicted in the Pyramid texts. Cats were seen as manifestations of the goddess Bast, so bastets were be mummified, along with the pharaohs and other vital men of the land. Regard for the cat eventually diminished, even though they are still loved and kept as pets.

  • When cats do their business, they dig a hole and put their dropping in their. NOTE: They sniff until evidence of any smell is gone.
  • Cats clean themselves with their tongue. NOTE: Their tonges are not wet. Instead, their tonges have a rough surface, sort of like sandpaper.
  • Cats are nocturnal. NOTE: Their puppils react to light and get bigger at night, but in the daytime their puppils are thin little slits.
  • There are different breeds such as Burmese, Calico, Tortoiseshell, Himalayan, Rex, Manx, Persian etc.
  • TIP - If a cat scratches you, don't drag away, just stay where you are and their claws will release. NOTE: A cats grip is strong. Dragging yourself away is what causes extended scratching. Little punctures heal more quickly than long unsightly scratches.
  • Leave them alone when they're in hunting mode. NOTE: They can be cunning and fiesty.
  • They have tiny teeth, but they're as sharp as fangs - a caution for the mice readers among us :^)
How to Take Care of Cats

Cats are very sophisticated and are quite intelligent, but they still need to be taken care of and they need to be loved. If you want to know how to take care of cats, just go to my book called 'It's a Cats Life'. Just go to the link below.


  1. Very interesting and informative, D! You know how much I love any topic on ancient Egypt, and that mixed with kitties makes for my ideal post. Love the pic! The Basts were so regal - just like our Rameses, when he sits by the door waiting for his serve of affection or food!
    Kisses xx Em-You-Em xx

  2. Rameses is a very regal cat - maybe he was a pharaoh.