Monday, February 28, 2011

Similarities between the Navi and Cats

The other day, while watching Avatar, I realised that the Navi and cats are quite the same. For example, look at the picture of Jake Sully's Avatar and my Rameses:

Jake Sully and Netyri

King Rameses
They have matching noses, eyes and ears. Amazing what similarities you can find between an animal and an alien.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flower Painitngs

Hi kitty cats,
I'd love to show you some of my pieces that I have done on my computer. I did these piece on the fab-tastic 'Paint'! You never know what you will create!

Ruby Rose

In the Night Garden


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melissa Dawn Art

The other day, I found an excellent artist. Her name is Melissa Dawn and she paints precious kittens. Here are some of her new realeases:
Amethyst Cat 
Lilac Daydreams
Phantom of the Masquerade
Winter Moon Cat
To see all of her artwork just go to this link
You will adore the beautiful kitties she has painted.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cats are more affectionate than we know!

Hi Bloggers,
Today I was with my cat Rameses and I noticed something that a lot of people don't realise about cats. He is very affectionate. He has always been that way. Last night I went to my uncle's place. He has three dogs, and one of them was brought inside. As a sign of affection, this dog was licking my hands (let me remind everyone, that I hate syliva). Rameses behaviour isn't that differnet from a dog's. I wonder why people think that cats aren't affectionate. I think cats are very affectionate and very lovable - I'm not much of a dog fan.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dtwilight Received an Award, Again!

Hi Bloggers,
I completely forgot to post about this, but the other day I received an award from The Words Crafter!

It is my duty now to pass this on to 8 Blogs that I consider worthy. Apart from The Words Crafter, the most Stylish Bloggers that follow me are:

Facing50, she is very sweet and really kind

ReeVera, an excellent writer and a very creative blogger

The Creative Muslimah, she is a great person and as her name says, she is creative

CMZ/ Rustic Goth, an excellent artist and a very sweet person

WytchyWayz, a very lovely person with a witchy blogging touch

Sere no Sekai, an excellent blogger!

Urma, a sweet person that I'd like to mention - But I'm still waiting on her blog link!

Escape, she has a great blog about touring the world

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dtwilight Received a very Sweet Award!

Hi kitty cats,
I've received a very sweet award from AubrieAnne from Who's Your Editor.
The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award was awarded to me! AubrieAnne is a very sweet lady and you should go on over to her blog and follow her. Here's the link

Besides AubrieAnne, the six people I'd like to pass this Sweet Award to, are:
Dawn, you are a very nice and you are creative in every single way.
Moana, you are a cream swirl out of this world.
The Words Crafter, she gave me a sweet award the other day, I'll show that to you in the next post.
Shah, you are a fantastic blogger and you are always so interesting to talk to.
Kelly, you are a very lovely woman and your blog is so beautiful.
Karla Bardanza, you are such a wonderful woman and your blog is so enchanting

Here are my four guilty pleasures:
1. Sweets! When I am sad, hungry or happy, I just eat some irresistibly, yummy sweets. The lovely taste is just too good to be true, and too difficult to resist <3
2. My laptop is a very good "absorb my thoughts" object, and I always use it. The reasons why I use my laptop is for writing, my blog spot, and poetry. I spend loads of time on it, and I don't think I could exist without it <3
3. Watching Twilight! I love Twilight and I love to indulge in it - When we drive through the Blue Mountains, through pines and ferns and mist, I imagine I'm in Forks, and listen to Linkin Park and Paramour along the way! New Moon and Eclipse will never beat the original movie and we all need to remember where the Saga began. Twilight never dies!
4. Being with my cat, Rameses. I  love him desperately and I could never him go. Every time I'm at home, he is always there to say hello. Oh, Mr Rameses : )

Monday, February 14, 2011

What is it Today? Oh, that's right! It's Valentine's Day

Hi my kitty cats,
In my past, I have had a thousand crushes! - Seriously, you don't know the kind of guys I've liked.
So, I have made a little poem for Valentine's Day, a dedication, which is not entirely true.
Please people, do not take this seriously. This is a fun and romantic poem.

My heart will Never Die, For I am with You
I remember when you gave me a card
When you asked me to be your date
T'was hard to decide between you and the other guy
But you loved more, and never too late

My heart instantly popped
And our love, it will never die
My heart will never break
With you at my side

My love for you will always survive
Your kisses cause many distractions
My mind holds onto romantic thoughts
Our love doesn't come in fractions

I can't let you go since we kissed in the snow
And that's where the saga began
Since that day our love will forever stay
And live into another generation

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rameses, the Cat from dtwilight's House!

I was flicking through my photos, and then I came across the pharaoh, the lord, the boss of all things.

He is so regal, so loyal and adorable! He is just too irresistable and too charming.
I love him so much, I could never let go of him, or Lily! I love you Rameses xoxo

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creepy, Crawly Creatures

Towering the land
Then, I see something small
Wriggle, Wriggle
Squeak, Squeak!
I suddenly feel the urge to play
"Squeak, squeak!" It says.
My eyes are focused on this bizarre thing
I hope it doesn't sting
"Reow! Meow!"
I've got it! I retract my claws
A mouse rolled out of my paws
I go to my bed
Without any dread
And sleep my pussy cat dreams

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was Featured on 'Who's your Editor?'!!

HOORAY! WOOHOO! I am so happy today because I was featured on AubrieAnne's blogspot! I'd like to say a few words about this gal.
She is funny, smart, awesome, cool, lovely and considerate. If anyone were to pick a cyber friend, it would be her because of her awesomeness! You must follow her now! Go to and if you want to be featured on her blog, go to this link and write a comment, go to this link

WYE? header

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Pinch and a Punch, it's the First Day of the Month!

Today is the first day of February! HOORAY! Before you know it, it will be December again. Today at school, the pinching and punching was non-stop - My arm hurts! And I didn't do it back to anyone! Well, it can get pretty rough when it's the first day of the month - it gets even worse on your birthday. They give you birthday punches - but I'm lucky to avoid that because my birthday is during the holidays. I hope you are all excited about this month and I hope it runs smoothly. I also found out today that I am Gold Colour Captain for my house team, and trust me, I am terrible at sports. I'd better get back to my work. I have a lot to do.

Scenic Glory  February Calender