Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Hate That Damn Currawong!

Hi Bloggers,
Every single day a currawong  comes and eats my cat's food! I haven't got a picture of him, but I've found one on the internet. This is what he looks like:

He lives in a towering gum tree behind my house and spies as we put out cat biscuits ... Someday, Rameses will get him and I'll take a real photo of him!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank you Dawn Zhang!

Hello my kitties,
I have recieved an award from the lovely Dawn Zhang!
iDig Your Blog Award Regulations
1 ) Gratefully accept this award.
2 ) Link the wonderful person you received it from.
3 ) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4 ) Pass this award around to, at-least, 5 blogs you dig.
5 ) Notify them.
3 interesting facts about me:
  • I'm very artistic
  • I have two brothers and no sisters
  • My nickname is "PJ Girl"
5 blogs I dig:
  • Who's your Editor - AubrieAnne
  • Keeper of Secrets - Moanna Brantwood
  • Words in Sync - Shah Wharton
  • As the Moon Sews the Satin Stars - Karla Bardanza
  • Rustic Goth