Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dtwilight Received a very Sweet Award!

Hi kitty cats,
I've received a very sweet award from AubrieAnne from Who's Your Editor.
The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award was awarded to me! AubrieAnne is a very sweet lady and you should go on over to her blog and follow her. Here's the link

Besides AubrieAnne, the six people I'd like to pass this Sweet Award to, are:
Dawn, you are a very nice and you are creative in every single way.
Moana, you are a cream swirl out of this world.
The Words Crafter, she gave me a sweet award the other day, I'll show that to you in the next post.
Shah, you are a fantastic blogger and you are always so interesting to talk to.
Kelly, you are a very lovely woman and your blog is so beautiful.
Karla Bardanza, you are such a wonderful woman and your blog is so enchanting

Here are my four guilty pleasures:
1. Sweets! When I am sad, hungry or happy, I just eat some irresistibly, yummy sweets. The lovely taste is just too good to be true, and too difficult to resist <3
2. My laptop is a very good "absorb my thoughts" object, and I always use it. The reasons why I use my laptop is for writing, my blog spot, and poetry. I spend loads of time on it, and I don't think I could exist without it <3
3. Watching Twilight! I love Twilight and I love to indulge in it - When we drive through the Blue Mountains, through pines and ferns and mist, I imagine I'm in Forks, and listen to Linkin Park and Paramour along the way! New Moon and Eclipse will never beat the original movie and we all need to remember where the Saga began. Twilight never dies!
4. Being with my cat, Rameses. I  love him desperately and I could never him go. Every time I'm at home, he is always there to say hello. Oh, Mr Rameses : )


  1. Awwww, I love your guilty pleasures! I love the sweets too, and twilight, and I love kitties! We had a cat when I was lving in an apartment at college and i just fell in love witht that little guy. I miss him every day.

  2. He sounds adorable AubrieAnne! Thank you for giving me this award - I really appreciate it.

  3. I thank you for the award. That was very kind of you.
    Love from Brazil

    Karla B

  4. That's alright Karla! You deserved it : )

  5. Awwww, thank you for thinking of me! Strawberries, yum :)

    I'll be passing this along asap, and thank you again.

    Congrats on recieving it, and to those you passed it along to!

  6. That's alright The Words Crafter!

  7. Aww thank you so much sweetie. Sorry I am late but yeah, pretty tough times. I love your guilty pleasures. Hahah! Though i do not like twilight much but I definitely indulge myself in yummy treats, lol. You are just like me in that way.


  8. That's alright Dawn! twilight is actually part of my name 'd twilight', but right now I am into fallen and Torment. Passion here I come!

  9. THanks for the award!! :D ANd i love your new blog background :-)

  10. Thank you The Cretive Muslimah! It's a pleasure to give out awards to my favourite followers.

    -p.s I always change the background, but I think I'll be keeping this one.