Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Two Favourite Cats - Lilly and Rameses

This story is about my two visitors, Rameses and Lily. They're cats and they visit all the time. I love them with all my heart and a day without them is like a day without chocolate and it is really unusual for me to not have my sweets.

June 2010 came
It was pouring rain
And you had needed to find shelter
You found our pergola
And sat for a while
A family of fivesaw you
And looked at your collar
'Rameses' said
We brought you inside
The months passed
And although you looked loved
We decided to fead you
Then, you called upon your friend 'Lily'
To share food and drink
The family of five saw you
And brought you inside too
The months passed
Until your owner looked for you
She came to the pergola
And found the family
She tried bringing you home
But both wouldn't go

Rameses resting in the garden
Lily resting on the pergola


  1. OMG its so beautiful. I already know about Ramses. And its so nice to know about Lily too. You are a wonderful writer and will become a wonderful journalist too. I am following your blog now and I love it. Take care.

  2. What a couple of Sweeties...enjoyed reading your post:)

  3. @Dawn: Thank you, I am really happy that you're following me now and thank you for your nice comment.
    @CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth: Thank you for following and commenting on my blog. They're very sweet cats, that actually live together.