Monday, January 10, 2011

dtwilight's Blogger Awards

Dear dtwilight followers,
These awards are to you because you have guided me through my blogging. This is to your kindness and thoughtfulness

First up is my mum, Moana. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been on blogger.
She has always been there to comfort me. That is why I would like to give her 'The Beautiful Blogger Award'. Love ya mummy xxx
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My second award goes to AubrieAnne. She is a great book reviewer and when I visit her blog, a smile always appears on my face. I'd like to give her
'The Stylish Blogger Award'.
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This third award goes to DawnZhang. She has a great blog, full of fun posts and cool gadgets. She is a blogger who can do a variety of things, so I'd like to give her 'The Versatile Blogger' award.

Last, but not least CMZ Art / Rustic Goth. She is a very artistic and creative person with a fabulous blog. I'd like to give her the 'The Kreativ Blogger' award.
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  1. OMG! Darling daughter of mine - this is so fantastic! Thank you for being so thoughtful and creative. Look at you, three weeks into blogging and already you're designing awards. I'm sure the recipients will be honoured. I know I certainly am :)
    Love you, my pagan angel xx

  2. Thank you mum, I knew you'd like your award.
    "And the nomeniees are..." LOL

  3. Whuppie. Thank you so much Danielle. You are so great and wonderful. Lots of love. <3

  4. Thank you, dtwilight! I LOVE it and will place it on my sidebar with a special thank you!

  5. @DawnZhang@AubrieAnne: I'm happy that you like it. You both deserved it.

  6. What a sweetie you are!! I am so very honored to be the recipient of your special award!!
    I wish you great fun and many followers as you continue to grow your blog!!
    Thank you so much:)

  7. It's alright Rustic Goth. You were so kind to follow me, so I think you deserved this award.