Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jelly the Stray Cat

Hi Bloggers,
Two days ago I met this cat named Jelly and I would like to tell a little story about his exciting arrival! Read it and weep.

The other day I went out to my front yard and I saw another cat! He had the deepest meow I had ever heard, his whiskers were as long as twigs and he was skinny. He had gigantic eyes with a khol outline and he was a grey tabby cat with white under his belly. I decided to call him Jelly the cat! That night, we fed him some food, but Lily was hunting Jelly down. We had to shoo Lily away from him. He stayed for two straight days with Lily and Rameses hunting him down, he kept on meowing in front of our yard and slept in his comfy bed of leaves.
The next day, I looked into the Southern Courier and looked into the missing section.

Star the missing cat hasn't been seen since New Year's Eve
A grey tabby with a khol outline around the eyes
Call ......

We called the owners, but it wasn't their cat after all. We decided Jelly would live with us and be our cat, but the other two territorial cats who dearly love our house, didn't like our new visitor, and sadly we haven't seen Jelly since. 


  1. We should put a bill up on the street lamps with his photo, saying 'Most Wanted!' Sad to see Jelly go, but you never know, maybe he'll return, and then Mungojerrie (Rameses), Rumpleteazer (Lilly) and Mr Mistoffelees will reunite in time for the Jellicle Ball!

  2. Well, you never know what will happen. I think I still think he will return.

  3. Awwww :( Thats sad. I hope Jelly returns. He looks very sweet and cute. :'( Poor Jelly. Wherever he is, I hope he is fine! :(

  4. I hope so too. Thank you for commenting

  5. aw, that cat is beautiful! Our cat ran away last year, around August, and never came back, even though we saw it a couple of times. Guess it just felt better living outside ;_;