Monday, December 27, 2010

Loved and Cherished

Soiled in my heart
We shall never be apart
My love is you
And it will never change

It's just like yesterday
When my dove flew me by
And kissed his loved one
He shoved her under his wing

And flew silently away
I asked myself
"How did I never find a love,
how, when a dove flew me by."

A lady looked at me sweetly and said
"Love is here, and love is there, but
love is never easy."

I thought she was right,
So I still had hope
I will love and cherish this moment
Forever and Ever

I never knew how much it hurt
To say that no one loved me
But, I still know who I am.


  1. Ah, my favourite poem. So deep and meaningful from someone so young - a sign of the talent that's looming. Poet, artist, songbird, storybird, watch out world - here comes dtwilight!

    Love you my darling D

  2. Thank you m/u/m,

    Your very much a poeat, artist, songbird and writer yourself.
    Keep doing the things you love.

    Love you xx